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Website Design
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Quality Website Design

The manner in which your products or services are going to be presented is an extremely important factor of its success.

Design for the web is my specialty and I have many years experience in designing rich, usable and eye catching web sites.

I create original, eye-catching designs, certain to impress your target audience.

Contact me for professional and cost effective web site design.

Web Design Process…



I aim to understand your business, its ethos and brand, and identify the target market.

I consider your existing corporate identity and businesses unique selling points.

I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various suitable technologies, in plain English.



I bring your thoughts and ideas to life, creating a visually engaging web design that captures the brand and attention of your target market.

I utilize the latest standards in web design and Internet technologies to create a modern accessible master web page.

I then publish the design to a private clients area ready for your approval. Upon your approval I will complete the remainder of the site.



Ranking high for your businesses targeted keywords and phrases in search engines like Google, Yahoo! & Bing is vital in order to succeed.

I have many years experience in search engine optimisation, and will ensure your site is created with an eye on maximizing search engine traffic.

I will work with you, and by utilizing search engine trend data, I will establish an effective set of keywords and target phrases.



Any website created by me will be highly optimized, with an A grade in our suite of optimisation tools assured.

I utilise modern performance improving techniques like client/server side caching, compression, image sprites, data optimisation and more.

When it can be optimised no more. I will make the full website available for final approval in your clients area.



After passing rigorous quality control testing and receiving your final approval, I will launch the website to the world.

I will submit your site to the relevant search engines, Google, Yahoo! & Bing, Dmoz and any relevant local directories.

If you like I can establish pay-per-click advertising, enabling instant traffic to be generated.



It doesn’t stop at launch. I provide ongoing support and search engine optimisation adjustments.

After allowing time for your site to be listed by the search engines, I will analyse how it’s performing, and make any adjustments considered beneficial.

As your business evolves so should your website, therefore we always remain available to push your site to the next level.


I like to let the client set the budget, ensuring you get the site you want at a price that suits you. I will of course let you know if your requirements are achievable for your budget, and the amount of design time associated to the project.

For brochure sites, that is, sites that need to present information about products and services, and offer contact options you can select from our packaged design solutions. This option is suitable for restaurants, musicians, tradesman, local stores etc.

For sites requiring more functionality, for example, e-commerce, booking forms, user sign up etc. I will provide a quote after examining your design brief.


I am located in Seaford, East Sussex, England. For clients located in the East Sussex area I offer a personal service, I can visit your premises to discuss the brief in person, and show designs to you, if you prefer to do business in person.

More Web Design Services…

Professional Website Makeover

If you have an existing website and require a professional design make-over, I will be happy to provide that for you. I can consult and identify your websites brand and target audience, then create several designs for you to choose from.

Alternatively I can work to a design you have mocked-up in an art program, creating a clean, optimised and valid XHTML website design.

Website Performance Optimisation

If your website is not performing as well as you hoped, I can look to ways of speed it up for you. I will analyse your websites existing performance metrics and look at various improvements that can be made.

These can be wide ranging, from client-side code and resource reduction, to server-side architecture and database design improvements.


Response within 24 hours.