JS Developer
React / Node / Typescript

I am a Sussex based JavaScript Developer with over 15 years experiencing designing and developing JavaScript (JS) web applications. I live in Seaford, close to Brighton, and I am available for freelance JavaScript development work. I can work on-site, or from my own office.

I use JS / JavaScript & Typescript to create next generation web UI’s, HTML5 web browser based games, Node JS Web APIs & server applications and tools.

My current preferred JS & JavaScript development tools includes Typescript, React, WebPack & Node. I develop full stack JS solutions, using Node on the server, and React on the client.

JS Development

As a JavaScript developer staying on top of the numerous JS libraries is a hobby of mine. I am always playing with new technologies whilst looking for the perfect development stack.

Some JavaScript tools and frameworks I have experience with include…

React, Apollo, Angular JS, Meteor, Vue, Flux, Underscore, Lodash, RxJS, Require.JS, JQuery, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript, Typescript, Babel, ES6, Solidity, Web3, Moment.

Javascript Game Development

I have utilised JS canvas based frameworks like ImpactJS and Three.js. I have also developed games with Unity 3D using JavaScript components.

100 Pics Facebook Messenger JS GameI have recently delivered a JS based game called 100 Pics.

It was a port of a popular IOS and Android app, that I developed using React, for the Facebook Instant Games platform.

If you are currently working on a JS based web game, I would be interested in hearing from you, as I am often looking to collaborate.

Freelance JS / JavaScript Developer

If you are looking to expand your team for a short term project, or require a JS solution, I would love to hear from you.

My development rates can be found on the pricing page.

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