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Web Developer &
App Development

Professional Development

Experienced web developer available for bespoke web, app, game & software development. Available for short term contract work, support contracts and consultations.

I can deliver…
Full bespoke software solutions that fit your business needs.
WordPress plugins that integrate seamlessly with your existing WordPress site.
Magento modules that provide bespoke functionality to your e-commerce store.

Experienced in many web developer Technologies.

I have been coding for nearly 4 decades, starting on a Spectrum, and started web development on a 28k modem.

I built some of the very first e-commerce stores, years before e-commerce platforms existed and every aspect had to be coded from scratch.

Web CMS & E-commerce software

Coding Languages

JavaScript (JS), Typescript, PHP, Solidity, C#, Rust

Web Technologies

I have used many web and software development tools and technologies.


Response within 24 hours.