React JS Developer


React JS Developer

I am a React JS Developer that have been developing front-end Javascript based solutions for over 15 years.

I am well versed in the React JS ecosystem and its various tools and techniques: Redux, MobX, RxJs, SSR, Apollo, GraphQL, Node, Hot Reloading, Webpack, TDD, Material UI etc.

I prefer to develop using Typescript for any non trivial apps, and ES6 compiled to ES5 with Babel for simple ones.

React JS Projects

I have used React in numerous professional and personal projects. some of these include.

React Techniques

I like to utilize advanced front-end features supported by React that improve a websites user experience, search engine optimization and performance grading.

Some of these techniques include…
Server side rendering, a process where the initial page is generated on the server which improves time to first byte and makes the site easily crawl-able by search engines.
Static site generation using tools like React-Static.
Async rendering with Suspense to improve overall user experience.

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