Safe Security Services

Safe Security Services
Magento 2 Build

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Safe Security Services

Magento 2 Build

A complete Magento 2 website, design, build & launch for Isle of White based safe specialists.

The site uses Magento 2’s multi store functionality, to serve two front end websites, running on distinct domains, whilst being managed by a single back-end.

The multi store solution reduces product administration time, and keeps costs lower for the sites owners, by both simplifying development of new features, and only needing to apply updates once.

The websites development also required implementing many bespoke modules, for example…

  • “Safe dimensions renderer” shows a visual indication of the size of the safe, in comparison to a human.
  • “Beat the Safe” A JavaScript based game that demonstrates the strength of a safe, and provides discount codes to the winners.
  • “Comparable by Size” allows the user to see the various different sizes of a safe.

The brief included a large number of features, including…

  • Multiple advanced forms for gathering user information.
  • Unique delivery requirements.
  • Video integration using Vimeo.
  • Integration with WordPress using the Fishpig module.
  • Bespoke product attribute rendering.
  • Customized checkout steps.
  • A theme hierarchy, developed using less, with parent theme, and child themes for each of the stores front-ends.

The second front-end for this Magento 2 website is https://www.chubb-safe.co.uk

The client also required post launch support, performance optimization, and search engine optimization.

  • Tech :
  • Brief : Magento 2 Build
  • Client : Safe Security Services


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