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NetMag Media

Wordpress Dev

An advanced WordPress multisite development for NetMagMedia, an East Sussex publishing company.

They deliver a range of online publications in the architect, property, and building sectors.

NetMagMedia needed to simplify the management of article and news creation across there numerous publications.

The brief called for a single administration area that could be used to manage 7 distinctly branded magazines running on there own domains.

I developed an advanced publication module that allows articles to be assigned to specified brands. This works in conjunction with a parent theme, and a simple child theme for each publication allowing each of there online properties to be styled and branded.

The brief also called for multiple post types, integration with EngineShed, a 3rd party CMS API, and an advertising and ad spot selling system.

The project was developed using WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

I have work on an as-needed basis for Netmag Media remotely for over a decade.

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  • Brief : Wordpress Dev
  • Client : NetMag Media


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