Magento to Shopify, should you switch?

Should I stick with Magento as my e-commerce platform? Or, migrate to Shopify?

This is a question that I am being asked a lot the last couple of years, so here are some factors that can help the decision.


If you do not generate sufficient revenue through your website, then Magento may be too expensive.

It may be open-source and free, but the time required for developers to keep the platform updated, will be significantly more expensive than a hosted Shopify store.

You will often pay 2 to 10 times the Shopify monthly price, to host a Magento store on a dedicated server, or cloud based solution.

Current Magento Version

If you have already moved to Magento 2, then the investment has been made, so there is a good argument to stick with what you have.

If you are still running Magento version 1, then that sways the decision towards Shopify. A Magento 2 store is considerably more expensive to move to than a Shopify store. (typically 4x)


Shopify is suitable if you are able to sell without needing many unique, or bespoke features.

Shopify can be customized, and made to do a lot of things, but everything feels like a front-end JavaScript based hack. With Magento, you can have that unique functionality and have it work well.

If you have a lot of product attributes, trying to manage it through collections and tags in Shopify is messy.

If its something simple like a colour, or size filter, then Shopify is fine.

If it’s a complicated product with many data points, then it will be easier to manage in Magento, it as much better handling for filtering and product attributes.


This is probably the biggest deciding factor.

Shopify is easy, straight forward, and cheap. If you are just trying to sell without the hassle, without worrying about tech, servers, updates etc, then Shopify is perfect.

Magento is complicated, it takes time to understand, but it is also very powerful. It can be made to do anything you want, in a way you have full control over.

If you want to deliver an amazing e-commerce experience that you have full control over and have the budget to justify, then go with Magento.

If you just want to get back to focusing on selling, without worrying about the tech / platform, then Shopify.


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